General terms and conditions of sales "La Maison des Bois"

The customer states that s/he has read and accepts these General terms and conditions of sale before confirming the booking. The customer is deemed to have accepted these general terms and conditions by confirming the booking.



The hotel provides information about availability on the date it replies to the customer’s enquiry and cannot guarantee that the dates will remain available in the future.
The customer must provide written confirmation (email or letter). The booking is not valid, even if a bank guarantee is provided, if written confirmation is not forthcoming.
We also send the customer a summary of their booking, thus confirming the booking, when we receive confirmation from the customer. The customer must ensure that confirmation is received and advise us about any errors or omissions in the confirmation.


Leisure facilities

Children over the age of 7 who are good swimmers and are accompanied by an adult are allowed to use the leisure facilities. The leisure facilities are closed off by an entrance door. Any adults who open the door to a child are responsible for the child and must ensure that the child leaves the facilities before the adult, so that children are never left unsupervised. Children remain the sole responsibility of parents. Opening hours have been set for safety and maintenance reasons. Customers cannot ask for the facilities to be opened outside of the opening hours and particularly at night.



Bookings are confirmed by paying a deposit. The exact amount will be detailed in the availability information sent out by the hotel. Deposits can be paid by cheque or bank transfer. Bookings are only guaranteed once the deposit has been received. Some bookings can be confirmed by submitting a bank card number, expiry date and card security code. This confirmation method is only valid for some bookings. If this option is not offered when availability information is sent out, the customer cannot use this method to confirm their booking. The bank card is randomly debited and customers cannot refuse, provided that the amounts in question are owed (deposits amount to 50% of the total booking amount – hotel stay or restaurant booking). Immediate booking confirmation can only be obtained by paying the deposit by bank card. Receipt of the cheque or bank transfer also confirms the booking, however, the booking will not be held while awaiting the arrival of the cheque or transfer. Your deposit amount will be refunded by cheque within 10 days if the room(s)/table(s) are no longer available upon receipt.




If a booking is cancelled over 30 days before your date of arrival and the booking has been confirmed, a cancellation fee equivalent to 15% of the deposit amount will be charged.

If a booking is cancelled less than 30 days before your date of arrival, the deposit will be retained unless the room or table is resold at the same rate.

If a booking is cancelled less than seven days before your date of arrival, the total cost of the stay or menus will be invoiced unless the room or table is resold at the same rate.

If a stay is cut short, irrespective of the reason (illness, poor weather etc), the full amount is still due.

Any refunds will be made within 60 days of the deposit payment date.


If a minimum length stay is booked, part of the stay can only be cancelled if the remaining number of nights exceeds or is equivalent to the required minimum number of nights. Where appropriate, the customer should cancel the whole stay in accordance with the aforementioned conditions which apply to the whole stay.


Arrival and departure

Rooms must be vacated by 11:00.

We will do everything we can to ensure that your room is ready as early as possible and by 16:00 at the latest.



Tourist tax

Tourist tax is charged per day and per person and is invoiced separately.



In certain circumstances, particularly non-payment or another problem, we reserve the right to suspend bookings until the problem is resolved.


Gift vouchers

Gift voucher terms and conditions are decided with the customer buying the present prior to payment. In all cases, a gift voucher stay must be used within six months of the issue date and the dates cannot be changed once agreed with the voucher recipient following written confirmation.

The gift voucher amount cannot be refunded or turned into a credit note.

The customer must pay for any other services not included on the gift voucher.



Promotional offers

Promotional offers are published on our website.

The offers only apply in the stated conditions and do not cover any extras. Any changes to your stay (room category, dates, length) may lead to the offer being cancelled if the offer conditions are no longer met.

Promotional offers are applicable to any bookings made during the offer validity period. “Offer validity period” refers to the period when the offer is displayed on our website.

Bookings made prior to an offer being published online are not eligible for the offer.

Offers may be altered or removed at any time without any advance warning.

Offers cannot be combined and customers will benefit from the most advantageous offer when booking.




The hotel does not accept any responsibility in the event of theft of a sum of money or item(s) of value.

Any damage caused by customers to property, objects etc. will be charged separately.

We reserve the right to enter the room if necessary or if a problem requiring urgent intervention occurs.




These general terms and conditions of sale may be changed without any prior warning.


Last changed on 25/07/2017.


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