Facing the Mont Blanc, savage botanical garden
Henhouse and our fresh eggs every day !
Our trouts and our crayfishes from Léman lake
Daddy's jars
Savage garden
Daddy's jars
Daddy's cellar, from farmer world
Daddy's cellar, from farmer world
Our garden 100% organic !
Daddy's cellar, from farmer world
All cheeses from my cousins from Manigod

The food conservatory, it’s my identity

It’s also Marc Veyrat fondation.

Spirituality is the respect of food.

My dad transmit to me the art to conserve in our cellar, where the source is flowing, our own harvest and all our farming products.
Because at this height, the seasons are short and the winter rude. We had to «bundle up » the products and take car of them. Pesticides, insecticides, phytosanitary haven’t got there place.
Cellar of cheese is near by vegetables and fruits, well ranged on wood stages. Like this they are not touching each over and can be well preserved.
In an other room there is the smocked place of my grandad that I had update to dry ham..
The "coffre" conserve our bread.
The natural water from the source flow abundantly in the gardens and in the aquarium.
« Mémé Caravi » jars are made by our staff and wait their turn to be savoured.
What a happiness to live a great aventure like this one, where the food conservatory is totally in adequation with the fondation of Marc Veyrat to transmit to our kids a healthy and organic message to live better.
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